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    Recognizing False Biblical Teachings and Teachers



Cornerstone Articles

Below is a list of Cornerstone articles that will help in understanding how you can, and must, learn to recognize false teachers and their doctrine in these last days.  It really takes the whole word of God to be able to see and false, but we need to at least start by understanding some basic principles about God and His Word first.  So, you should start by reading the the first four articles on Discerning False Doctrine, Chapters 1-4 and The New Age Movement

New Articles

Old Testament Battles Today

The battles of the Old Testament are filled with information that is relative to us today.  This article contains some of them that are meant to encourage us in our times of our trials... Read more

Spiritual Aspects Of Washington D.C. Politics

Behind the politics of Washington is a spiritual aspect going on that most do not realize.  What appears to be politics is the spirituality that is attempting to move the United States to the globalism of the future empire of the Anti-Christ
Read More

Discerning False Doctrine - Chapter 1: Exposing False Teachers Is Not "Judging" And Is Commanded

God's instructions to the priest's of His word, are to teach the people so that they can discern between the truth of God and that which is not of Him.  The philosophies of non-judgmental, non-negativism, divisiveness, non-offensive teachings, do not touch God's anointed, political correctness, and being culturally relevant are superseding God's instructions... Read more

Discerning False Doctrine -  Chapter 2: Knowing The Foundational Truths

Many people ignore the "Old" Testament  because it is believed that it is no longer valid and that the "New" Testament replaced it.  This belief is not all true and the term, "Old" is a misnomer.  Jesus called it "the Scriptures" and said it is His testimony.  It is what he taught to his disciples and gave them understanding of.. Read more

Discerning False Doctrine -  Chapter 3: The Warnings

There are many places in the Scriptures and New Testament where we are warned about false teachers, prophets, and there doctrines.  We are told of the damage that they do in pulling people away from faith in God that will eventually pave the way for the anti-Christ.  Read more

Discerning False Doctrine - Chapter 4: Characteristics Of False Teachers and Doctrines

 I discovered long ago that it takes knowing the whole word of God to be able to expose and weed out the false from the true.  That is the reader's responsibility.  This chapter will give some of the characteristics of the false teachers, prophets and doctrines that, along with the previous chapters, will set you on your way to beginning to recognize them...  Read more

The New Age Movement

Many of the articles on this site refer to "The New Age Movement" or just "New Age".  This article will give insight into what the doctrine of this philosophy is so that when you read other articles on this site you will understand more of what I am writing about.  Read more

Birthing Of The False Church Through Ecumenism

The trend of ecumenism and the making of the prophesied false church's one world religion has started to move more quickly in the past few years, and is much more widespread that when I first wrote the original article in 2000...  Read more

Visualization and Contemplative Meditation: Sorcery In The Church

The occult practice of visualization and contemplative meditation are being used in churches and other institutions under the deceptive guise of being scientific .  Promoted by churches such as Willow Creek, Saddleback, and Bethel Church, Redding, CA, these practices are actually witchcraft and prohibited by God. The truth is exposed in this article.  Read more

The Church Growth Movement's Evolution Into The Emerging Church

The late 80s and early 90s marked the time when many churches got into the techniques of what was then called "The Church Growth Movement" (CGM).  It was a concept on building churches using business concepts and was spearheaded primarily by Bill Hybels of Willow Creek, and C Peter Wagner of Fuller Institute of Church Growth, as well as Rick Warren of Saddle Back Church.  It was methods outside of the word of God used as attempts to build mega churches to influence the world.  It was laced with occult themed materials in the guise of business books, business leaders and practices.

Although it did not work, it has since morphed into what is known as the Post Modern or Emerging Church, which is filled with New Age thinking and occult practices.  This is a history of the CGM and how pollution entered the Church then, and now.  Read more in Part 1

Part 1: Sciences, Marketing, Surveys, and Demographics: Following God?

Part 2: New Age Connections To The CGM: Business and the New Age

Part 3: The Rise Of Corporate Babylon In The Church

Part 4: Building On Principles Of Nature: Erwin McManus' Eastern Religion Influences

Part 5: Church Growth Movement Morphs Into The Emerging Church

The Sudden Departure Of Believers:  The Rapture

When I first came to believe in Jesus Christ, I had no idea what "The Rapture" was. It was probably a few months after that time I even heard the term itself. I thought "rapture" meant some fuzzy experience that believers were going to have someday. It was not until about six months after accepting Jesus that I heard the explanation of what this term meant; a sudden, without warning removal of faithful followers of Jesus out of the world, into His presence...  Read more

In God We Trust?  The Pagan Gods Of Washington D.C. (PDF)

While we are continually told that the United States Of America was founded by men of Christian beliefs and ideals, the imagery of the nation's Capitol in Washington D.C. depicted a contrary picture.  For since the beginning of the nation, the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and those of the Canaanites and their images and idols are given credit to it's formation and success, which actually oppose the commands of God...  Read more  (PDF format)

Gold Dust Manifestations Are Not Glitters From God

For a few years now (even prior to 2001) there have been reported several varied "signs and wonders" type manifestations happening among those churches involved in what has been termed, "The Revival", among other terms.  Some of them are manifestations of what are supposed to be gold dust. But are they of God?  Read more